Getting Started

PLOT by ADMIN on Feb 16, 2019 4:09:15 GMT
This should be your first stop before or after registering for a character. Inside you will find all the guidelines, and setting information that will/might be needed when creating a character. Please read all the given information first before contacting staff with questions.
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MONSTER MASH [CONCLUDED EVENT] by ADMIN on Mar 13, 2019 23:36:48 GMT
This is the board for all events, updates, and service announcements. Threads are labeled with dates for relevancy. If anything is removed from this board, the statement is no longer in effect unless said otherwise.
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NOTIFICATION THREAD by Tia Sylfang on May 5, 2019 5:02:58 GMT
Requests and more requests. This board is filled with info pages based around asking staff to complete things for members. Please read over the information before contacting staff with questions.
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Tamaki Kannagi - wip - by cane on Jul 10, 2019 5:17:12 GMT
This is where you will post up new applications, as well as find accepted apps separated by race. Please read over all the guidelines before asking for your character to be graded.
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whole-body tragedy by SEERSHA on Mar 20, 2019 20:13:28 GMT
Rping can't happen without talking to other's first. Wanted ad's, plot pages, etc. This is where the magic happens for character muse and incoming threads.
0.6 FAMILIA LIST by ADMIN on Feb 10, 2019 9:47:17 GMT
Technical information, such as registered parties, the effects of common items, and contracts available are kept here. Make sure to check the contracts often!
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The World

a fever dream [flashback] by adam suzuki on Apr 3, 2019 20:01:21 GMT
Orario is most easily characterized as more of random, urban scrawl that's loosely divided up by each cardinal direction. The northern part of Orario is defined by the vast majority of living space for residents with the quality of living dipping very slightly as one walks closer and closer to the large wall surrounding Orario. It is a bustling metropolis where anything can happen.
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[Invite] Lost Property by NIYOL on Apr 1, 2019 5:43:48 GMT
A mast tower constructed in the middle of Orario serves as a large entrance to the vast cave system buried underneath the earth. The Dungeon is seen as mysterious and dangerous, as an ever-changing entity, but it also serves as a source of income for a majority of the population in Orario.
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Helvegen [celestine] by celestine on Mar 12, 2019 8:49:23 GMT
The Lower World is much more than the large city. In fact, Orario only takes up a fraction of the continent's surface. Outside is other countries, a few villages, and different types of weather and climates.
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Out of Character

Tainted Onez - Sandbox RPG by Tainted Staff on Mar 4, 2021 20:15:06 GMT
This acts as a general purpose member center for spam, meme's, media, etc. Within is another board for code testing, intro's, advertisements, and even the archives. Make sure to keep within the boundary of rules posted by staff when putting up videos and other content. If you have any concern's, contact staff.
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welcome, navi
Tainted Onez - Sandbox RPG by Tainted Staff at Mar 4, 2021 20:15:06 GMT
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